Interlocking Corrugated Panels

Corrugated Panels

Product Description
NS12 is a ¾” deep corrugated panel designed to be installed horizontally on interior or exterior walls.

Panels are roll formed from #22 ga. steel, conforming to ASTM A653-04a, grade 40, and galvanized to G-90. The exterior of the panel is coated with Valspar’s Fluropon silver metallic finish and warranted directly by Valspar Paints.  Each panel is covered with a protective film prior to roll forming.

NS12 panels are a nominal 12” tall (net 11 9/16”) and are sized on our cut-to-length line to customer specified lengths, with a minimum of 2’ and a maximum recommended working length of 16’.

Ancillary Shapes
Trim parts or complete image packages are available including door and window trim, top cap, color-matched caulk, and weather-tight foam profile closures. Flat sheets can be provided for fabrication of custom shapes. Contact our sales department for specific information and pricing.

Limited Warranty 
BestWorth warrants all material for a period of one year after shipment of materials. The metallic Kynar finish is warranted directly by Valspar Paints. There is no warranty that this product shall be merchantable or fit for any particular purpose nor is there any other warranty, expressed or implied, except as is expressly stated in this paragraph.

The NS12 panel is virtually maintenance free. Surface residue may be easily removed by conventional cleaning methods.

Technical Services 
Complete technical information and literature is available from BestWorth. Assistance with design ideas, structural calculations and shop drawings are available through our office.

Nissan North America, Inc. has approved this panel for use in its Nissan Retail Environmental Initiative and Sign program.

Projects Using BRI-NS12 Corrugated Panels
Smolich Nissan — Bend, OR
Everett Kia — Everett, WA
Elk Grove Nissan — Elk Grove, CA
Eastside Nissan — Bellevue, WA

Section Properties
Design Thickness (in): 0.0283
Weight lbs./sq. ft.: 1.537
Bending: +I In4/ft.: 0.0456
+S ln3/ft.: 0.110
-S ln3/ft.: 0.113

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